About the Group

Bryan, “Auxcide”
Level 2 Techno-Bard
Alignment: Casual Gamer
+2 to smash doors
-2 to actually search the room
Characters: Raawk (Star Wars)

Level 11 Inevitable Party Leader
Alignment:  Method Actor
+2 when using props
-2 vs doors of any kind
Characters: Dr. Dev Darran (Star Wars)

Level 2 Surviving Character
Alignment: Storyteller
Gains +2 when speaking on the fly
Takes -2 when solving riddles or puzzles
Characters: Jarik, Corven (Star Wars)

Level 1 SnackMaster
Alignment: Casual Gamer
+2 when conserving magic points
-2 vs largemouth bass
Characters: Tana Garnet (Star Wars)

Michael, “Doc, the Weasel”
Level 13 Handout Crafter
Alignment: Storyteller
Gains +2 when planning character arcs
Takes -2 when playing quiet characters
GM of: Warhammer, Star Wars, Mouse Guard, Dungeon World
Characters: Xib (Teenagers from Outer Space), Arven (Shadows of Esteren), Eldon (D&D 5ed)

Level 16 Monster Lover
Alignment: Storyteller
+2 Ad lib
–2 Rule follower
GM of: Shadows of Esteren
Characters: PN-17 (Star Wars), Tugg (D&D 5ed)