Star Wars: Those Left Behind – Part 3


The group quickly (more quickly than planned) begin implementing their plan for the “Train Job”. As you would expect with the crew of the Lazy Bantha things rapidly go sideways and they have to use their wits to salvage the operation.

At the table
GM – Michael
Dr. Dev Darran – Dustin
Jarik – Ed
PN-17 – Gully
Tana Garnet – Marisol

3 thoughts on “Star Wars: Those Left Behind – Part 3

  1. Dev deserves extra XP for his noble sacrifice.
    PN deserves extra XP for his droid managerial skills and for calculating beyond the klaxon.
    Jarik deserves extra XP for his action and adapting to the chaos.
    Tana deserves extra XP for keeping cool and not abandoning the party for yet more unexpected danger.

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