Dungeons & Dragons 5th: Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Part 08


The group returns to Greenest and are tasked to travel to the city of Elturel to update Leosin on what they found in the Dragon Hatchery.

When they meet him the information they found proves invaluable and they are invited to take a bigger role in the fight against the Cult of the Dragon.

At the table
GM – Dustin
Alilin – Edward
Eldon – Michael
Lenet – Marisol
Tugg – Gully

One thought on “Dungeons & Dragons 5th: Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Part 08

  1. OMG, Patchy lives! I’m so happy!

    I ran the first session of my own HotDQ game a few weeks ago, and I borrowed Patchy. He was really useful for getting the party together and propelling them into Greenest, especially since one of the PCs took the “secret coward” flaw and probably wouldn’t have gone into town voluntarily otherwise.

    Great fleshing out of the caravan too. I like the way you don’t beat around the bush or require any rolls to tell who’s a cultist.

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