Teenagers from Outer Space: Spring Fling Weekend – Part 3

Teenagers from Outer Space

The weekend continues on as we turn to the Zoltar Wilson Memorial Stadium. The hopes and dreams of Shuffe Beach High School rest on the paddle of Chet Chesterton is he up to the challenge? How will our other teeners influence the most important moment in the history of Pebble Beach athletics?

At the table
GM – Edward
Juno Vos – Marisol
Chet Chesterton – Dustin
Xiblioth o’goreth – Michael

2 thoughts on “Teenagers from Outer Space: Spring Fling Weekend – Part 3

  1. Finally another episode! I’ve been having withdrawals. You are all just great, Dustin seems to have a found the shortcut to my chuckle-bone.

    Can’t wait for more Dr. Dev or , dare I say it, Larss?

    Keep it up guys!

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