Teenagers from Outer Space: Spring Fling Weekend – Character Creation

Teenagers from Outer Space

As a bonus here’s the recording of our character creation session. Spring Fling Weekend as I designed it is a very loose timeline of events, and as the players were coming in with little knowledge of the setting or what will be happening I created some PC Hooks to provide direction and motivation. The goal was to make them as generic as possible to allow us to fill in the details during the session.

Of course as things went along I saw some things that needed improvement, but personally I think it went very well, everyone was able to bring their own sensibilities to the options put in front of them for a great mix of characters.

Have you ever tried something like this before? How did it work for you?

At the table
GM – Edward
Shelly Martin – Gully
Juno Vos – Marisol
Chet Chesterton – Dustin
Xiblioth o’goreth – Michael

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