Dungeons & Dragons 5th: Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Part 01


We meet our adventurers on a small caravan heading south from Baldur’s Gate to the sleepy little town of Greenest. As they make their way to the town the group is thrust into a situation none of them expected.

They quickly have to put their individual skills to good use to help others and themselves survive.

At the table
GM – Dustin
Alilin – Edward
Eldon – Michael
Lenet – Marisol
Tugg – Gully

11 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons 5th: Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Part 01

  1. There is a rule at my table. When a player (like a certain half-orc) tells or suggests to the DM something that will screw the party. Like reminding him that one monster has yet to attack or that two swarms can swarm two different targets. The rest of the party will then loudly reminded that well meaning player “SAME TEAM!” I think you guys could do with that rule.

    Great Podcast as always, fun to see Dustin GMing.


  2. Unfortunately when we decided that our characters didn’t know each other well before hand someone took it to mean do whatever works best for me. In and out of character this will continue in upcoming episodes.

  3. We are all on the same team… except when it comes to our opinions of TV shows, musical legends, and movies. It has made me want to rage quit/flip a table a couple of times.

    In the game, reminding the GM that such and such mob hasn’t attacked yet isn’t that big a deal because we can roll with the punches… or then it becomes a joke about how many times a player has fallen.

    Thanks for listening, Arnór! :)

  4. Just to tickle you guys further, while I have your attention here. Your SW Edge of the Empire game was a big inspiration for me to run my own Star Wars game, I and my group (if they knew) thank you for it.


  5. Thats great Arnór … I try not to focus on the fact that we are recording the games (for better or worse), but I’m glad to hear your enjoying the podcasts.

  6. Great stuff! I’ve been finding your podcast very inspirational as I prepare to run this module myself. I love Patchy–great way to get the group involved. Is he your own invention?

  7. Thanks for listening jayoungr.

    Yeah, I made Patchy up. While the module has some cool character hooks it leaves it vague as to how to get them together. I figured I could use Patchy to “patch” a few holes in the story. :)

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