Star Wars: Scavenger’s Feast – Part 3


After getting caught sneaking into a pirate hideout, the party starts to wonder what is really going on and what their next move is … once they fight their way out, that is.

This is the third episode of our live play session of Scavenger’s Feast, for the game Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

At the table
GM – Michael
Dr. Dev Darran – Dustin
Jarik – Ed
PN-17 – Gully
Tana Garnet – Marisol

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Scavenger’s Feast – Part 3

  1. Marisol: *Can I like, take the parking brakes off so I can roll over…some of the minions? …but then that lift off thing…that engine thing…could incinerate how many minions?*

    Gully: *Quick, get out our life-size cardboard cutouts!*

    Dustin: “Yeah, yeah, we are a little crazy…MWAHahahaaaha!!” *I laugh waaay too long.*

    Really enjoying this you all!

    Michael, are you sharing your notes on these adventures when you are through with them so that others might be able to GM them for their own EotE groups? (Hint-hint-nudge-nudge)

    I have a feeling that the WeeQuay Emissary faked his distress call and made off with the goods himself…which makes the PCs raid on the Pirate Lair that much more hilarious! Keep ‘em coming!

    1. The distress call was faked by the Black Sun. An average Computer check examining the message would have shown it was doctored (but no one asked for it).

      I’d be happy to answer any other questions, though I may hold onto some bits of info since they may come into play later. :)

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