Star Wars: Scavenger’s Feast – Part 1


This is the first episode of our live play session of Scavenger’s Feast, for the game Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.


Upheaval in the underworld! The Empire has found the location of outpost K2. The outlaw droids search for a new site to rebuild their operation.

In the chaos, criminals hunt for other sources of profit. Once thriving settlements like the city HORIZON, abandoned by the Empire and struggling to survive, make lucrative targets.

For some there is still hope. Entrepreneur TREX SAUL has a dream to make Horizon a strong community once more. He calls investors from across the galaxy to the planet Bespin to share in his vision …

At the table
GM – Michael
Dr. Dev Darran – Dustin
Jarik – Ed
PN-17 – Gully
Tana Garnet – Marisol

View the Opening Crawl

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