Star Wars: Lost Sons – Part 3


This episode introduces Dustin and Marisol to the group.

The party receives and offer they can’t refuse. Meanwhile, Dr. Dev is asked to perform a rather dangerous favor.

This is the third episode of our live play session for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

At the table
GM – Michael
Rawwk – Bryan
Dr. Dev Darran – Dustin
Coren – Ed
PN-17 – Gully
Tana Garnet – Marisol

5 thoughts on “Star Wars: Lost Sons – Part 3

  1. Got a link here from the Reckless Dice crew. Really wished you guys had finished up the ‘Buried’ campaign…I was following that with much interest a couple of years ago. I recognize the voices of a few of your players…Dustin is so entertaining to listen to, he shouldn’t have to beg for XP at all. Just his personality and play style alone should get him at least 5xp extra per session! Looking forward to many more podcasts.

    1. Great to hear from you, Fango.

      I’ve had a few thoughts about the possibility of picking Burried but not Forgotten back up. It may still happen.

    2. Thanks Fango!

      I want to point out to our group that I in no way paid or solicited his comments. He’s just exceptionally observant. ;)

    3. I agree – Dustin is great to listen to! He really gets into his character and the “swagger” is obvious. He also doesn’t sound like he’s trying to “game the system” (not that the others do, but he seems the least likely to say, “who has the best chance?” and instead just rolls with it!

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your podcast a great deal but this episode could use some SERIOUS editing. Cut out the 30 or 45 minutes of irrelevant table talk and it would go from good to great.

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