Star Wars: Lost Sons – Part 1


This is the first episode of our live play session for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.


It is a time of scarcity and fear. The GALACTIC EMPIRE demands resources from across the galaxy in order to hasten the completion of the massive battle station, the DEATH STAR.

With demand for common goods rising everywhere and enforcement sent elsewhere, many vile outlaws have come out of hiding to take advantage of the situation.

Those who make a life in the OUTER RIM planets have only themselves to rely on. They struggle to evade these pirates and gangsters, who make bolder than ever attempts to claim wealth and power …

At the table
GM – Michael
Rawwk – Bryan
Coren – Ed
PN-17 – Gully

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One thought on “Star Wars: Lost Sons – Part 1

  1. I would have tried to lie and say they disabled our escape pods… Told the entirety of the crew to get the ship working and most importantly the weapon systems. When they got close enough to board. Blast the hell out of them.. Or counter board…

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