Star Wars Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion Talent Tree PDFs – Updated with Fly Casual


These sheets make tracking talents easy (and save your book from the photocopier).

Please note, that the talents represented here require their respective books if you intend to use the material. This is a great game, and it deserves your support!

Edge of the Empire

EotE Updated 2/26/2015 Version 7: Added Fly Casual material. Fixed errors/typos.

Edge of the Empire Talent Trees Color – v7
Edge of the Empire Talent Trees Black and White – v7

Age of Rebellion

AoR Updated 12/27/2014 Version 2: Added Stay on Target material. Fixed errors/typos.

Age of Rebellion Talent Trees Color – v2
Age of Rebellion Talent Trees Black and White – v2

Keep an eye out on this page for further updates on this page. We continue to add Specializations as new material is published.

55 thoughts on “Star Wars Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion Talent Tree PDFs – Updated with Fly Casual

  1. Greet handouts, very useful to have!
    One correction based on version 3a: the first Control upgrade for the Move Force power should cost 10xp instead of 5. Thanks again for the handouts!

    1. Just noticed a minor error on the Ace: Rigger Talent Tree. The Signature Vehicle talent is not restricted to silhouette 3 or lower star ships/ vehicles. It allows all silhouettes to benefit from the signature vehicle talent.

      May the Force be with You!!!!!

      1. I understand you wanting wait until the official release, but I and many others would like to have quick access to the beta trees. Can you make them and simply put “Beta Version” in the title, then update / create new ones once the official book is released? Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for making these available! Awesome quality.
    On the Force Sensitive Exile:
    Touch of Fate does not connect to Balance and Sense Danger does not connect to Sense Emotions.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      We’re collecting this round of edits and will have them included when we add in the Dangerous Covenants specs. Keep an eye out for them once the book is available.

  3. Awesome handouts, I use them in my game. Just found your podcast and I’m enjoying greatly, keep up the good work!

  4. Uncanny Reactions on the Force Sensitive Exile tree doesn’t show the die like other talents, it only shows the letter b.

  5. First, I have to say thank you for providing these amazing sheets. My group loves how clean and easy they make advancement during sessions. I do have one character that is using a homebrew tree, is there anyway to get a blank tree? I used AI to attempt my own tree, but I am not as talented as you. :(

  6. Far Horizons??

    And a couple of the trees in the B&W EoTE pdf have colored dice in them: Explorer Signature “Reduce Difficulty; Explorer Driver “Grit”. Print fine though!

  7. Any ETA on how long it should take to add Force and Destiny trees? I know the beta just came out, but you’ve gotten me addicted to having these for characters. ;)

    1. Right now there is no plan on mocking up the Beta trees. Some of that is the work involved to keep them updated (weekly once the beta gets in gear), and some of it is me not buying the Beta book.

      1. Beta is over now, and the trees I suspect are not changing much. Any chance you’ll do an update prior to launch?

        (If you need the data/information, I or someone else could hook you up) — I love your talent trees but my play group has expanded into F&D (and we could not wait till official release).

        Our group would really really appreciate if you created ones.

  8. AoR Commander/Tactician: Bodyguard, upgrade rather than increase.
    EoTE Colonist / Insightful Revelation. The “Add Setback” talent for 15 XP, please! (I’m sorry, but that’s my favorite typo ever :) )

  9. So I am working a RPG project, I was wondering if you still had the editable file of these talent trees. If so would I be able to get a copy?

      1. Perhaps you can just tell wich software you used. I really want to improve the basics talent tree and make my own (and need to translate them in french too…). Your works is really greant and can avoid us to spend many hours of researching the best way to do it

        1. I use adobe InDesign to layout the pages, but I did the initial design for the boxes in Illustrator and copied them in.

  10. Thank you guys so much for these! Gorgeous work and they really make running things easier for this GM. Please keep up the awesome, love your site!

  11. I love these sheets and use them all the time.

    I did catch an error. The bottom-left talent on the Colonist Insightful Revelation Signature Ability should “Add Boost” instead of “Add Setback.”

    Keep up the great work!

  12. I was wondering if you guys were going to make Talent Trees for Force and Destiny? Also Including The new Force Powers? It would really be helpful… Thank you guys, all your work is appreciated!

  13. Amazing stuff. Any chance you could provide the source file for making the PDF? (I know it’s unlikely, but we’ve homebrewed a few spec trees with our game and it would be great to have them follow the same pdf format).

  14. These specialization sheets have been essential for our group. Being able to print out a nice clean copy of each tree so players can check off talents as they earn then is just fantastic. The work you’re doing is aces and I hope you keep it up. It’s all appreciated.

  15. Many thanks for taking the time to do these sheets. They are very useful in having a clean and easy to print out tracking sheet for character’s and GMs alike (I wear both hats, one for AoR the other for EotE).

    Waiting patiently for the new ‘Fly Casual’ updates as my EotE character is a Smuggler and plan on buying into Gunslinger or Charmer during our next session. :-)

  16. Awesome as always! I noticed a misspelling/typo In Charmer. Disarming Smile. “until the ned of the encounter.”

    Thanks, Doc!

  17. These sheets are just awesome and well layouted :-)
    I’m thinking about translating some of these into German for my group. Do you think it’s possible to get the source file to be able to alter the text?

  18. Extremely helpful! This helps my players and myself out quite a bit. Hope to see one with racial bonus / stats in the future!

  19. These sheets are really amazing!

    I only have one suggestion: Could you put the base Career Skills on each Specialization page (like they are in the rulebooks)?

    It would make it much easier to plan out a character when the books aren’t handy.

  20. Thank you for compiling these.

    I like how they resemble the look of the official trees. Even looking at these files has inspired me to actually find and purchase the sourcebooks or the specialization card decks they belong to once I get a handle on what the tree offers – so rather than save me money, I’m actually encouraged to buy the books too for the fluff and extra details, suggestions and backgrounds for my character creations!

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