The Lazy Bantha YT-2400 deck plans


The Lazy Bantha is a Correllian YT-2400 that Dr. Dev won in a game of Sabaac. He thought it was quite a catch until he tried starting it up. Only then did he learn that this very pretty and polished ship came with a long list of issues.

Despite the fact that this hunk of bolts can barely stay in the sky, it is the ship that the party calls home.

The Lazy Bantha YT-2400 Deck Plans (pdf)

4 thoughts on “The Lazy Bantha YT-2400 deck plans

    1. I did. It was a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

      I wasn’t very satisfied with other deck plans for this ship – most I found used every inch of space as if there was no ship there or had odd choices like the passenger quarters where the engine was while the engine room was off to the side. I used the Falcon’s plans as a starting point and went from there.

      1. Solid bit of graphic design Michael.

        That being said; riddle me this, where did you get the assets to make this lovely interior?
        Did you make them yourself or pick them up from a 3rd party?
        If you picked them up from a 3rd party, where from?

        Because this is a very cool idea and I’d very much like to try and give this a go myself!

        1. The plans were a combination of free assets I found online (I can’t remember where from at the moment) with a few simple ones I put together myself in Illustrator. The general shape and floorplan was done in Illustrator, and then moved to Photoshop to apply the textures.

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