Star Wars: Lost Sons – Part 5


Two of the characters have been captured by the Empire. Will they submit to their interrogators? What will the rest of the party do to rescue them?

This is the fifth episode of our live play session for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

At the table
GM – Michael
Rawwk – Bryan
Dr. Dev Darran – Dustin
Coren – Ed
PN-17 – Gully
Tana Garnet – Marisol

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Lost Sons – Part 5

  1. This has been my experience with contests this year, absolutely. I’ve made it or not made it into agent rounds, I’ve had requests or no requests. But every time I’ve taken the opportunity to revise, tighten, polish, and make some awesome new writer friends (I affectionately call them my horde). Every contest is a new lens to look at my work through, and I love the clarity it’s brought me.

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